Plenary Speakers for OGC 2022

Min Gu
University of Shanghai for Science & Technology, China

Connie Chang

Berxel Photonics, China

Connie Chang-Hasnain is Chairperson of Berxel Photonics; Whinnery Chair Professor Emerita at the University of California, Berkeley. She is member of the US National Academy of Engineering and National Academy of Inventors. She is a fellow of IEEE, OSA and IEE. Dr. Chang-Hasnain was a member of the technical staff at Bellcore (1987–1992) and Assistant/Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University (1992–1995). She joined UC Berkeley as Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences in 1996. She was Whinnery Distinguished Chair Professor in (2006-2020), Associate Dean for Strategic Alliances of College of Engineering (2014-2019) and Chair of the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Graduate Group at the same university (2006-2017). Professor Chang-Hasnain’s research interests include semiconductor optoelectronic devices, materials and applications. She pioneered the first planar VCSEL structure using proton implantation for array fabrication with Gbps modulation, first MEMS-VCSEL for wavelength tuning, and the first 1000-element VCSEL arrays for 3D imaging. Prof. Chang-Hasnain has been honored with many awards including the Okawa Prize (2018), UNESCO Medal For the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies (2015), IEEE David Sarnoff Award (2011), and the OSA Nick Holonyak Jr. Award (2007). Additionally, she has been awarded with a Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship, a Humboldt Research Award, and a Guggenheim Fellowship. She was a member of IEEE LEOS Board of Governors, OSA Board of Directors, and the Board on Assessment of NIST Programs, National Research Council. She was the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Lightwave Technology 2007-2012. She was the 2021 President of Optica (formerly known as OSA).

Henry Chapman

The University of Hamburg, Germany